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About Me

Hello! My name is Amie Hackworth and I'm the artist behind enamor.

I live in Marshall, MI with my Husband and two kitties.

I love crafting, vintage, thrifting, and running.

About enamor

Enamor means, "To be filled with the feeling of love"

Enamor began in 2005. I've always been attracted to the Mid-Century style of the 1950's and 1960's, which is a lot of the inspiration for my crafts.

Materials I use

I use and re-purpose a lot of vintage materials in my crafts. 1930's-1960s vintage fabrics, buttons, notions, lace, tins, containers, ornaments, ephemera. I love IT ALL!

All of my sewn stuffed animals have hand-painted faces

2021 Update!

* Please note I am not taking custom orders for Christmas for 2021*

2021 Shows: Detroit Urban Craft Fair: Dec 3-5

Handmade Instagram Live Sale: Dec 8 at 4pm est

Please follow my Instagram @enamor_amie 

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